Why Choose Snowbird Advisor Insurance?

Learn the benefits of having us assist you with your travel insurance needs

We know that Canadian snowbirds, seniors and boomers have a number of options when it comes to choosing a travel insurance provider.

That's why we offer our clients a unique combination of features and benefits that are hard to beat:

Snowbird & Senior Experts

We understand that finding the right travel insurance coverage at the right price can be a challenge for snowbirds and seniors - factors like age, pre-existing medical conditions and long trip durations can create unique issues that require expert knowledge and custom solutions.

That's why we partnered with a travel insurance broker that has been specializing in assisting snowbirds and seniors for over 15 years.

Our travel insurance agents are experts when it comes to assisting snowbirds, boomers and seniors, helping you compare and combine coverage options to find the right coverage at the best price based on your unique circumstances.

Exclusive Discounts

While competitive pricing is a standard feature included with all of our travel insurance plans, we also offer a number of attractive discounts to help you save even more on your travel insurance premiums:

  • 5% Member Discount - Snowbird Advisor members receive an exclusive 5% discount on travel medical insurance policies.
  • Companion Discounts - We offer companion discounts for couples who book their travel insurance together.
  • Early Bird Discounts - We offer early bird discounts to travellers who book their travel early in the year.

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Multiple Plan Options

When it comes to travel insurance for snowbirds and seniors, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

That's why we offer a variety of travel insurance plan options, allowing you to select the policy with the right coverage at the right price to meet your individual needs and circumstances.

Our experienced agents can help you compare and combine coverage options, including single-trip, annual multi-trip and top-up plans to help you find the most cost-effective coverage for your specific needs.

Our travel insurance plans include:

  • Personalized Travel Medical Plans with no stability period for pre-existing medical conditions
  • Single-Trip Plans
  • Annual Multi-Trip Plans
  • Top-Up Plans
  • Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance
  • All Inclusive Plans (medical + trip cancellation + baggage coverage)

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Personalized Travel Medical Plans

Our cutting-edge Personalized Travel Medical Insurance plans are an ideal option for many snowbirds and seniors.

Personalized plans are unique in that they determine your premiums and coverage based entirely on your personal characteristics like age and medical conditions.

This differs from most standard travel insurance policies, which lump you into a group with other travellers to determine your premiums and coverage.

Personalized Travel Medical plans can offer a number of benefits over standard plans, including:

  • No stability period requirement for pre-existing medical conditions
  • Potentially lower premiums based exclusively on your age and medical conditions 
  • Possible coverage for significant medical conditions where other providers may refuse coverage

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Medical Concierge Services

All of our travel medical insurance plans include complimentary medical concierge services at no extra charge.

If you need medical assistance while travelling, our concierge services can provide you with a level of comfort and convenience you won't receive from most other travel insurance policies.

Some of our medical concierge service features include:

  • Physician House Calls: Avoid trips to clinics and hospitals - have a physician visit you in the comfort of your home, condo or hotel to evaluate your medical issue and determine a treatment plan
  • Physician Assessment by Phone: Get the convenience of having a physician evaluate your medical issue by phone to determine a suitable treatment plan.
  • Prescription and Over The Counter Medication: If you need a prescription or over the counter medication, we'll arrange it and in many cases have it delivered right to your door.

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Mobile App Assistance

At Snowbird Advisor Insurance, we strive to provide you with the tools to make your medical assistance and claims experience as painless as possible

So in addition to our 24 phone assistance, we also offer a helpful mobile assistance app that provides fast and easy access to medical assistance and the ability to submit claims, wherever and whenever you need it.

Our mobile assistance app features include:

  • Medical Assistance Contact Number – Access immediate, 24/7 medical assistance by phone or email.
  • Medical Facility Search - Find directions to the closest approved medical facility (GPS enabled)
  • International 911 Lookup - Search emergency phone numbers in countries outside Canada and the U.S.
  • Start a Claim - Begin the claim process right from the app

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Code of Ethics

At Snowbird Advisor Insurance we are committed to the highest possible code of ethics.

As part of that commitment, we are proud members of the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THIA) and have adopted their Travel Insurance Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

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Streamlined Claim Process

We know that making a travel insurance claim can be a frustrating and time-consuming process.

That's why we've implemented the following tools and procedures to help make the claim process faster and easier:

  • Online Claim Submission: Submit your claim online or through our mobile app
  • Dedicated Claims Team: Our dedicated claims team are specialists at processing your claims in a timely and efficient manner.

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Education and Transparency

Travel insurance can be complex and confusing.

At Snowbird Advisor Insurance, we don't expect you to just give us your trust - we want to earn your trust by being open and honest about how travel insurance works. 

That's why we've developed a Travel Insurance Learning Centre with in-depth, easy to understand articles to help demystify travel insurance, regardless of whether you choose to obtain your coverage from us or somewhere else.

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Trusted Partners

We believe that trust and reputation matter.

That's why we only partner with established travel insurance industry partners who have proven track records of providing quality service.

This philosophy applies to every aspect of our business, including our insurance agents, policy underwriters, medical assistance providers and claims administration team.

Quotes by Phone or Online

While many snowbirds and seniors find it advantageous to speak with one of our agents by phone, we understand that some of you may prefer to receive a quote online.

For those of you who prefer the online route, we also offer a convenient, easy to use online travel insurance quote service.

Please be advised that in some situations you may need to speak to one of our agents by phone depending on your individual circumstance and travel plans.

Bilingual Support

All of our services are provided in both French and English, allowing us to assist clients across Canada - regardless of your preferred language.