Get First-Rate Medical Assistance and Easy Claims Processing

Our medical assistance and claims team is here to assist you whenever you need them

24 Hour Emergency Contact Numbers

If you experience a medical emergency, require medical assistance or have another insurance issue, please call the applicable number below for 24-hour assistance:

Toll free from North America

Collect from anywhere outside of North America

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whenever possible please contact our assistance team before seeking medical treatment so they can direct you to an appropriate medical facility and help co-ordinate your care and billing.

Improving Your Medical Assistance & Claims Experience

We understand that requiring medical assistance while travelling is always stressful. The last thing you need is added stress and frustration from your travel insurance provider.

That’s why we work with a leading medical assistance and claims team with a proven track record of providing first-rate service.

If you ever need medical assistance or have to file a claim, here are just some of the features and benefits you’ll receive to make your experience as fast, easy and convenient as possible: