How to Get Medical Assistance

If you need medical assistance, please follow these helpful guidelines

Get immediate access to our team of medical assistance specialists anytime, from anywhere in the world. Our customer service coordinators, registered nurses, and physicians are available to assist you 24 hours a day.

Our case coordinators will help you find a local medical facility, arrange for a doctor to see you and may even arrange for direct payment of your medical bills so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

24 Hour Emergency Contact Numbers

If you experience a medical emergency, require medical assistance or have another insurance issue, please call the applicable number below for 24-hour assistance:

Toll free from North America

Collect from anywhere outside of North America

Before you seek medical attention

During a Non-Urgent Medical Emergency

Contact our assistance specialists BEFORE seeking medical attention: This course of action should be taken whenever possible. If you require medical attention in a non-urgent situation, for example, if you are feeling unwell and want to see a doctor, contact our assistance specialists before seeking medical attention using the emergency contact number that is provided to you. They will assess your situation and coverage under your policy, direct you to an approved local medical facility and likely co-ordinate billing with that medical facility so you don't have to pay for treatment on your own and wait to be reimbursed when you submit a claim later.

During an Urgent Medical Emergency

Call 911 or seek medical treatment immediately!: If you are experiencing a medical emergency that requires immediate attention such as a heart attack, stroke, serious car accident injuries, etc..., you should seek immediate medical attention and contact our assistance specialists as soon as you or someone who is with you is able so that they can confirm your coverage, co-ordinate your care and if possible, your billing as well.

Important Tip:

Whenever possible, make sure you keep all of your receipts and get copies of your treatment records and medical notes at the time you receive treatment.

You may be required to submit these documents to process your claim and they can be very difficult to collect after the fact. If you don't have these documents, it may cause delays in your claim being processed, and in some cases can result in the denial of your claim.

Additional Tips for Seeking Medical Assistance While Travelling:

  1. Download our mobile assistance app for easy access to emergency contact information
  2. Add our emergency contact information under your cell phone's contacts
  3. Carry the emergency contact card provided with your policy with you at all times while travelling
  4. Leave a copy of your insurance emergency contact information with a friend or relative back home
  5. Whenever possible, contact our 24 hour assistance number prior to seeking medical treatment
  6. If you are unable to contact us prior to seeking medical assistance, contact us as soon as possible
  7. Inform the clerk at the hospital or medical facility that you have travel medical insurance coverage
  8. Present your insurance card at any hospital or medical provider

Medical Concierge Service

Depending on your situation, we may arrange for medical concierge services - included with all travel medical insurance polices at no additional charge!

This VIP service offers the comfort and convenience of having a physician visit and assess you at your hotel, condo or home, physician assessments by phone, arranging for medication and more…

Mobile Assistance App

Our mobile assistance app provides you with convenient, instant access to our emergency contact numbers, local medical facilities and more.

We encourage all of our clients to download this free app before departing on your trip.