Mobile App Assistance - Whenever and Wherever You Need It

Download our mobile app to get immediate travel assistance. Any time. Anywhere.

Travel Insurance Mobile App - Snowbird Advisor Insurance

At Snowbird Advisor Insurance, we empower our clients with the latest technology to provide you with the fastest, easiest, most convenient access to medical assistance, whenever and wherever you need it.

Our free travel assistance mobile app, courtesy of TravelAid™, provides travellers with immediate assistance anywhere in the world.

Be sure to download it before you leave for your trip!

TravelAid™ mobile app features include:

  • Medical Assistance Contact Number – Access immediate, 24/7 medical assistance by phone or email.
  • Medical Facility Search - Find directions to the closest approved medical facility (GPS enabled)
  • International 911 Lookup - Search emergency phone numbers in countries outside Canada and the U.S.
  • Start a Claim - Begin the claim process right from the app
  • Travel Tips - For travelling Canadians


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