Snowbird Advisor Insurance introduces new service improvements

Please take a minute to read the following letter from our co-founders about recent service improvements at Snowbird Advisor Insurance...

Date: August 26th, 2022

To Our Valued Clients,

As the upcoming snowbird season approaches, we wanted to share an update about recent service enhancements we have introduced at Snowbird Advisor Insurance to provide our clients with an optimal customer service experience during what is sure to be a very busy season.

This past snowbird season, travel insurance providers, including us, faced a number of logistical challenges due to constantly changing COVID-19 travel rules and an unprecedented spike in demand for travel insurance. This sometimes resulted in significantly longer than normal wait times for our clients.

Over the past several months, we have taken measures to help reduce wait times during the upcoming season and provide our clients with the high level of service you have come to expect from us, including:

  1. More Agents to Assist You:

    Since last year, we have been engaged in an extensive initiative to hire additional insurance agents and are pleased to announce that we have already added a number of new agents to our team. This is an ongoing process, and we will continue to add more agents going forward.

    For our clients, this means that we will be able to reduce wait times and assist you much faster during busy periods.

    While we wish this process could be faster, please understand that it takes time to find and hire the right team members, have them complete the long, rigorous insurance licensing process and provide them with the training necessary to ensure they meet the high service standards we insist on for our clients.
  2. Online COVID-19 Coverage Information:

    We have updated the COVID-19 Coverage Information section on our website to provide more details about the types of COVID coverage we offer, as well as the terms and conditions for COVID coverage.

    If you have questions about COVID-19 coverage, this resource can help save you time by allowing you to quickly and easily find many of the answers you are looking for on our website without having to call us or wait to speak to an agent.

    You can find COVID-19 Coverage Information here.

In addition to the improvements outlined above, we are also working on other enhancements that will be introduced in the coming months to further improve your overall client experience with us.

We are confident that the steps we have taken will reduce call wait times and response times over last season. However, due to continued uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and growing demand for travel insurance, it is possible that on occasion we may still have longer than normal wait times.

As always, we greatly appreciate your patience, understanding and loyalty - which we never take for granted – and look forward to assisting you with your travel insurance needs this coming season.


Stephen Fine                                      Michael Camacho

Co-Founder                                         Co-Founder